Écrit en rapport avec Mode d'emploi 2014, RESSOURCES, La fin des sociétés mobiles ?

What could put an end to the mobility of societies?

Women carrying signs, one says 'The end is near!', the other says 'The end is not near!'  The caption reads 'But aren't we fortunate to live in a society where differing views are tolerated?'

John Urry talks about the Starbuckisation of meetings, the challenges of mobilities


Oil is running out

John Urry suggests that the end of a society based on oil is near in his book, Societies beyond oil


Offshoring is bad for society and planet earth, John Urry’s conference on TEDx

What is the impact of tourism for the society?

In an article introducing the fact that the culture of tourism is changing everyday, John Urry is quoted saying that with tourism, mobility is linked with the « haves » and « haves not ».


Work and life in the mobile society

This article deals with the impact of mobility on society

Another writing on mobile society, to improve our knowledge of this notion :

Mobile society Technologie and culture


Mobility and health

This article presents a drawback of our mobile society : drug resistance, a major issue in healthcare


Smarter societies:

This article presents a very interesting aspect of mobility. Indeed it wants to show that mobile phone-based data can be used to plan better, smarter cities and build smarter societies


The end of car culture

in the New York Times, with a reference to Mimi Sheller’s book


An interesting idea about Space Tourism developed in this audio document


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