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Dans le cadre du projet Graines de critiques littéraires, quelques élèves du Lycée Pierre du Terrail ont lu en anglais un roman de Dana Spiotta, invitée aux dernières Assises Internationales du Roman.

Voici leur critique, en langue originale…

Denise and Nik. Their lives are opposite, but their minds always stood together. She is living, trying to become an adult. He is still a child. When Nik started his music life, Denise always followed and admired him. She is the little sister, his biggest fan. And he is the big brother who never grew up, protected by an imaginary world. Music is his whole life, and his vision of an artist is like no one else.


When Denise’s daughter, Ada, decides to make a movie about her Uncle Nik, the reader understands how important the relationship between Denise and Nick is. And when Denise understands, time has passed since they were teenagers, and the world will never be the same again. It’s too late. Nick has already begun his last Chronicle, the last piece of work of his life.


Stone Arabia is a very nice novel, I really loved it. I discovered what it means to be a sister and what is really being an adult. Maybe… we never really become adults. But it made me think about life and about time passing by. If we can’t remember everything, we should live our lives as best as we can, and remember the most important part of it.


I hope you will enjoy it too!


> Stone Arabia (Scribner, 2011) / (Actes Sud, 2013)

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