Ce texte est un article du thème Critique AIR 2018

il est écrit par : Lycée Edouard Herriot (Lyon) – Classe de 1e L

Have you ever asked yourself where you were from ? What have your ancestors gone through ? How has history built your story ? Well, Matthew Neill Null did. And he did it well.

Impressive landscapes, deep characters, strong images and thoughts, and a true message behind all of this. All of those adjectives can apply to West Virginia, but also to Matthew’s style in his novel Honey from the Lion, in which he denounces capitalism in his native place. He makes us see the life of Cur, a timber wolf, working on a mountain in West Virginia. He and his colleagues are going to plan a revolt against their boss. In this book, Matthew relates the truth about a forgotten story which has influenced his roots, his entire life. And he relates this truth with a powerful and poetic style, mixing description and action, emotion and violence, purity and dirtiness of the people, nature and humans… This book is a testimony for all the West Virginians and all the people in the world. It is the voice of the forgotten ones against those who are untouchable.

by Alice Rouillat

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