Ce texte est un article du thème Critique AIR 2018

il est écrit par : Lycée Edouard Herriot (Lyon) – Classe de 1e L

Honey from the lion is a brilliant tale of justice. Not only of the one we decide to take upon our hands, but also of the one that is forced onto us. Through his book Neill Null describes with such accuracy the timeless issue that progress is and the questions it raises. His raw and honest style allows him to give a voice to all the men and women who have been erased from history, all these individuals who have desperately been trying to converse with nature, despite the endless forces who have worked to silence them. The reader cannot help but feel empathy for all these characters, who are fighting for their own vision of the greater good.

Null clearly shows through his book that he has mastered the art of the plot: the corrupted opponents, the revolutionists and the local men, offer a large landscape of what America was and still is, while still managing to captivate the reader at all times.

This powerful novel will unquestionably move everyone, regardless of who they have sided with in the past or who they side with right now, thanks to its absolute universality and relevance. Honey from the lion is an absolute most read for anyone who feels, even in the slightest way, involved in our society; and I think I speak with confidence when I say it is one of the greatest books released this decade.

by Illona

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