Ce texte est un article du thème Critique AIR 2018

il est écrit par : Lycée Edouard Herriot (Lyon) – Classe de 1e L

Full of history, magic and poetry, the first novel of Matthew Neill Null plunges us into America’s deep history. Like a painter, he depicts the breathtaking lanscapes of West Virginia, his hometown, and shows how his story is linked to history. With his simple, moving, realistic, and close to the bone characters, he brings to light the revolution, the industrialisation in this capitalist society, and also the conflicts between the powerful people who takes advantage on the weak and dependent people and those who remains victims. With his words, he gives a voice to the ones forgotten in the past or erased from history and he wants us to bring them back to life while reading this book.

This novel is the result of Matthew Neill Null’s love and attachment to his land. With it, he shows us the true beauty of nature and says that we should all be thankful to nature.

by Margaux Million

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