Ce texte est un article du thème Critique AIR 2018

il est écrit par : Lycée Edouard Herriot (Lyon) – Classe de 1e L

To all the readers who are looking for a piece of truth, who want  to discover an unknown part of the American history, the testimony of a reality and a powerful and transcendent staging of Nature, please… let your curiosity give a careful scrutiny to HONEY FROM THE LION.

You will be awed by the pen of Matthew Neil Null which pictures, with honesty and a poetic writing – as he cares about the texture and sounds of language -, the paradox that unites men and Nature as a child to his mother in West Virginia and how it can breed love and destruction. You will dive into the untold part of the American history that acknowledges the ways in which America has failed – the disillusion of the American Dream. With its powerful novel, the encompassing omniscient narration, the masterful plotting, the realism of the characters for whom we feel empathy, he pays tribute to his childhood’s land and manages to do, what he felt, was his duty. We drift in the book, carried by the words and the sounds, from the magical atmosphere to a lucid vision of reality making us distraught, but we are grateful to learn, at least, know the Truth. Will you let yourself plunge into this tremendous narration?

by Romane

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