Ce texte est un article du thème Critique AIR 2018

il est écrit par : Lycée Edouard Herriot (Lyon) – Classe de 1e L

It’s in the State of West Virginia that he saw the first rays of sun,

The same year when the literature nobel Prize was won by Dario Fo,

An omen for an illustrious writer who writes for the reader’s fun.


He never liked university

But his teachers gave him something

To love. Polish and European books filled with fiction and adventuring.


The writing came to him

And success followed him

Speaking of a subject or a of beloved place.


Virginia is flowing in his veins

And America makes him feel pain

anticipating  the election of Donald Trump.


Today, his writing embraces awards

from the prices of Joseph Brodsky

To Mary McCarthy.

Léo Montessuy

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