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I. What is a Prospectus?
A prospectus is a 20-30 page proposal for your dissertation. It describes the problem you
have chosen to study and why it is important, as well as the specific questions you will pose and
the method you will use to answer them. A prospectus is not a condensed version of your entire
dissertation. It is primarily a plan for your work, rather than a report on your results.
There are many advantages to writing and defending a prospectus early in your graduate
program. An agreed-upon framework for your dissertation is established with several faculty
members who become knowledgeable about your project. Valuable feedback can be obtained
and necessary modifications in your plans can be made before you proceed too far down blind
alleys. Actually putting some ideas down on paper is usually extremely helpful in clarifying
An approved prospectus provides you with reasonable security that if you carry out the
plans outlined, your dissertation will be accepted. It is not a binding commitment on your part to
every detail of the prospectus. Many if not most dissertations end up looking significantly
different from the prospectus. But getting the prospectus done allows you to get on with your
research, and it is only through doing the research itself that you will discover how you wish to
modify your original plans.
II. What Should a Prospectus Include?
A prospectus should include the following elements:
A. Statement of the Problem (including literature survey)
B. Method
C. Discussion of Data (if relevant)
D. One-page Chapter Outline
E. Select Bibliography

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