Ce texte est article du thème Les migrations du goût

A long time ago, in the middle Age, people shared food ressources.

They would exchange cereals. Taste was in constant evolution and adapted to the circumstances.


When people started emigrating, they brought culture and tastes.

For instance, they brought new ingredients, their own cooking methods, new seasoning and eventually new tastes.

For instance, Mexican immigrants into the USA came along with spicy food and new recipes like Tacos (Zarela Martinez).

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Today, food firms have influenced the taste in urban places in developed countries,

like fast food chains that can be found all over the world. They participate in a globalization of taste which is disconnected from movements of population but they spread an « international taste ».


On the contrary, migrations of population bring new culinary cultures with original ingredients and recipes.

Chefs can integrate those new food and use them to create new recipes, like coco chicken in France.


Terminales bac techno Hôtellerie-Restauration et leur professeur d’anglais, I. Avocat – Jehanne de France

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