Écrit en rapport avec Les auteurs des AIR 2017, AIR 2017, AIR | thème: Le corps à l’épreuve du monde

Dans le cadre du projet Graines de Critiques Littéraires, les élèves de la terminale L du lycée Saint-Paul (Roanne) ont lu Barbarian Days: A surfing life de William Finnegan. Ils proposent un retour critique en anglais de leur lecture orienté autour d’un mot-clef. Voici la contribution n°4 sur le thème du « Voyage ».


I studied the book « Barbarian Days » that deals with surfing. I didn’t really like the story because it is really focused on surfing and the vocabulary is very technical. But one thing in the book attracted me: the numerous trips that William Finnegan did all around the world. And I am going to talk about travelling. For me having the opportunity to travel abroad is just a dream. So, I will explain why travels are important and help to live better.

First of all, we notice that only a few people don’t like travelling. It is sure that most people want to travel even once. We have always a dreamy place to go. I think travelling is a change of scenery from our daily routine. We can travel in the same country or far from our home but travelling definitely changes our habits and our mind. We can forget problems and be relaxed. When we are in another place, it is as if we were in another world. Being far from our home is exotic and unfamiliar. So, I think it is very important to travel to clear our mind, to be free. I say free because travelling is a sort a freedom. A lot of people want to travel but not everybody can. There are different problems such as education, religion, money problems. It comes from our lifestyle too. For example, a couple who travel a lot and love discovering the world will encourage their children to travel and to be curious. But we have also the example of people in some countries can’t travel because of their religion or political regime for instance North Korea where people live under a dictature and are cut from the entire world. To make it shorter I would like to say that everybody dreams of a place to travel but everybody cannot realize that dream for many reasons. So, we can say that we are lucky if have the opportunity to travel.

Then, we will see what travelling brings us. Firstly, I think travelling equal going out of our habits. So, it is perfect if we want to discover new cultures and meet new people. In the book Barbarian Days, we can notice that the narrator goes on trips all around the world. And all those travels have an impact on his way of life. The only problem with William Finnegan is that he travels only for his sports so in the book he doesn’t really talk about culture of countries. Nonetheless travelling and not knowing where we are going is cool. Personally, I think the best way to travel is to travel without staying in hotels. The better way to discover a country is to meet people and sleep in their house, to taste a lot of exotic food, to take part in typical parties or ritual. Travelling helps be more creative and obviously open-minded. Indeed, the more you meet people different from you, the more you are tolerant. You are open to other cultures. I think it also helps be more cultivated because you learn new languages, see monuments and places. Travelling changes our lifestyle and our vision on the world. Sometimes we can say that we prefer our native country to a foreign country.

As conclusion we can say that travelling is very important for open-mindedness, tolerance, creativity, culture. But it is not given to everyone to discover the world. Yet it is nice to relax and forget our everyday life and our worries.



Assises Internationales du Roman / Graines de Critiques Littéraires / Villa Gillet

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